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Tempting Ready to Eat Delicacies to Ward-off Exam Stress and Make Holidays Fun

Exams mean late night studies and post-dinner food cravings. Unfortunately, many of us students find cooking a complicated chore. And, with a tight budget and health concerns in mind, we do not always want to go for expensive and high-calories restaurant food.

Understanding the predicament, my roommate's mom sent her a parcel of Freshway Ready to Eat meal packages.  I simply loved the Veg-Biryani meal she shared with me. All we needed was a bowl and boiling water. We just had to pour the contents in the bowl, add boiling water to it, stir and close the lid. Within minutes the meal was ready. I am glad my roommate shared it with me. The taste reminded me of my dadima's biryani!

My curiosity to know more about the product lead me to Freshway website. The innovative brand has come up with a host of packaged foods that keeps the unique flavors of traditional Indian food intact through a special freeze-dry technology. The technology is regarded as the best food preservation process that safeguards the flavors and freshness of the food without affecting its nutritional value. This means I can enjoy the meal without feeling concerned about my health.

Freshway™ homestyle ready to eat meals are now an intrinsic part of my tuck drawer. They will be with me at home during the holidays. So, even though I do not know really know how to cook meals, I can treat my family with Palak-Paneer, Pav-Bhaji or even Moong-dal Sheera anytime, all thanks to Freshway!