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What if I told you, you can make homemade delicacies like biryani in 6 minutes?

We all love having comfort food whenever we are travelling or coming home after a long day's work. But either it's not available or we are too tired to go through the whole process of cooking it. For me, my comfort food is Veg Biryani. Said that it's not easy to make it because 1. I am not a great cook and 2. I am too tired to cook and can't wait for a long time. Thanks to @freshwayfood , now I can have Biryani whenever I want and where ever I go. With their Veg Biryani "ready to eat" mix I can have my biryani by following three below mentioned steps, in just 6 minutes! 

1. Pour the contents in a bowl

2. Add boiling water

3. Stir, close the lid for 5-7 minutes.

And now hot and delicious biryani is ready to serve.

They have a varied range of "ready to eat" mix like biryani, poha , kadhi chawal, etc. Go on to order and make your own scrumptious comfort meal in just 6 mimutes.