About Us

India, the land of rich, aromatic spices has always attracted the culinary world with its abundant khazana of spices and exotic ingredients. These herbs and spices have always been a part of India’s rich culinary history and so are even today. With our fresh, ready to eat meals, we sought to bring the essence of the Indian culinary expertise to every kitchen. Our unique freeze-dry technology is accepted worldwide as the best food preservation process, which preserves colour, flavours and freshness of the food without affecting its nutritional value. Our food is preservative free, which ensures it is as healthy as home-cooked food. Blended with love and nutrition, our ‘home-style’ recipes are sure to make you nostalgic with every bite.

We aim to attain new heights of excellence in the culinary world by meeting consumer through innovative products, services and processes. Our approach is steadfast committed to quality, integrity and value creation for our stakeholders. In time, we aspire to be one of the pioneers in the ready-to-eat food industry.
We seek to be a trusted name in every Indian household by going to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of great flavour, aroma and an extraordinary home-like meal. With our unique freeze-dry technology and preservative free recipes, we are committed to deliver the finest in home-cooked food.
Core Values
We value quality & trust which is why all our products are packaged with our unique freeze-dry technology and are free from preservatives. With a dedicated team of employees, dealers, distributors and retailers, who believe in our values and ethics, we aim at reaching every household and delivering quality products to every consumer.
Our Team
An MBA graduate from University of Pune, Bhavin started his career with chemical trading and went on to establish a petrochemical distillation plant that has successfully been running for the last 17 years. His new venture ‘Freshway services LLP’ has also been doing very well in the fruits and vegetables storage and trading business, since its inception 4 years ago.
Bhavin Sanghavi
A B.A. graduate and a homemaker for 12 years, Mona has been the visionary behind the ‘Freshway’ Ready to eat meals. Actively managing the fruits and vegetables trading business for years, she holds a good experience in the food industry. Her expertise in home-cooking and extensive knowledge of ingredients ensures that every product of ‘Freshway’ is at its best in terms of taste and quality.
Mona Sanghavi