Got so tired from the job. Feeling so hungry. No time to cook. I purchased the Freshway Food Packets of Veg Biryani. Cook within 10 minutes. Had my dinner. It was so yummy and love to cook food at another time within this short period of time. I love Freshway Foods.

Keyun Shah

Suddenly guest arrived at home. I was so suprised by seeing them. Next thought was what i ll prepared food for them. So i recognised of having Freshway Food Packets in my Kitchen. I made Paneer Bhurji for them. All my guest loved to have Punjabi food within 10 minutes. No cutting and Chopping. Instantly Prepared. Freshway Rocks!

Hetal Mehta

I am a jain. I dont eat onion and garlic. Mostly I found that no Jain instant Food Packets were available in the Market easily. I saw the Packets of Jain Pav Bhaji and Jain Paneer Bhurji. I had it. Its so instantly cooked within Microwave & in almost 5 to 7 minutes. Love to have the Freshway Foods.

Mrs. Renu

I am a Vegetarian person, While Travelling around the Tour. DAAL CHAWAL and other products of Freshway is easy to carry during Tour. While I Got bored by eating outside foods, I Instantly prepared the Freshway Foods within 10 minutes. Enjoying the moments of Indian Food at any location of tour. Happy to carry the Instant Freshway Foods during my tour.

Dipali Mehta

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