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What if I told you, you can make homemade delicacies like biryani in 6 minutes?

We all love having comfort food whenever we are travelling or coming home after a long day's work.
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Fresh and Flavoursome

A huge fan of freshly cooked food, I like no short cuts and especially no packet, packaged and processed for me, as far as I can help it. Of course once in a while we all get lazy and give in but this is the exception in my home rather than the rule. Thus, I was reluctant to try the range of products from Freshway Foods, a Vadodara based company, when a friend urged me too.
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A Vegetarian Traveler’s Dilemma

Imagine feasting on hot and homely Indian food like Daal Chawal and Kadhi Chawal when you are traveling and staying in a remote European town. What if this is prepared by yourself in not more than 7 minutes.
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